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Moda Di Raza - Men's Modern Solid Color Microfiber Neck Tie - Gold

  • These fine gold ties for men are hand made with woven microfiber Jacquard fabric. This gives an outstanding quality and silky smooth soft texture. They are stain resistant.
  • Our mens ties measure approximately 57 inches long with blade width of 3.5 inches. This make these neck ties perfect fit for anyone with height between 5 to 6 ft. These mens ties silk soft are a great gift for yourself or someone special.
  • Try our gold tie for men on your next formal event such as wedding, engagement, birthday party or simply going to office or any business meeting. Men tie is also available in different colors.
  • Moda Di Raza gold extra long ties are packed in a beautiful paper box which makes it equally qualified to give as gift to your family members, friends and co-workers on any occasion like birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas and Valentine’s.
  • Our men's tie set has special woven fabric which resists dust collection and is a stain resistant. In any case if any stain is inevitable, then the best option is to use white damped clean cloth and try to rub stain off gently. You will be satisfied with these neckties.

Product description

Our satin silk finish neck tie is made from 100% polyester woven microfiber fabric. These neckties comes in traditional and contemporary blade width of 3.5 inch and carry a length of 57 inches. These neck ties will perfectly fit to anyone with height between 5 to 6 ft. Moda Di Raza neck ties are suitable for everyday events, office, church, weddings, parties or any other special occasion. Dress up the best for your upcoming event. Style distinctly with Moda Di Raza fashionable quality. Happy shopping!

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