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Shop72 - Pants Hanger Suit Hanger Skirt Or Slack Hanger Plasitc or Wood Hanger

  • Sturdy and beautifully designed hangers. Available in varied Sizes: 11, 12, 14 and 17 inches wide. 17 inches hangers are good for suits.
  • 360 Swivel metal hook for easy accessibility with 2 clips for pants and skirt. Clips are padded and thus provide resistant to leave undesirable mark on cloth being pinched.
  • Break resistant design
  • Elegant and Sturdy
  • They are available in Set of 12. Fast shipping within 2 days

Product description

These high impact hangers are break resistant and designed to look elegant for years to come. Swivel metal hook and 2 clips for pants skirt. Clips are padded and thus provide resistant to leave undesirable mark on cloth of being pinched. They are available in Set of 12. Sturdy and beautifully designed hangers are available in plastic, wood, bamboo. Features a 360 degree swivel hook for easy accessibility. Size: 11, 12, 14 and 17 inches wide.

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